State Cup

Photo Credit: shotfromacanon via Compfight cc

Something that’s really important to me is soccer. I play club so when I have games I get to travel a lot. Its fun but challenging enough to keep you wanting and trying hard to get better and improve. The really good club teams in Oregon compete in a tournament called State cup. The winner of that tournament goes on to regionals, where they get to play some of the best teams from the west. Then if you do well enough from there, some teams go to the east and get to play the best teams from there. Its some of the best competition in the US.

My team is lucky enough to get to compete in this tournament. Last year we also participated in State cup, we had won state and gone onto regionals. We got to fly to New Mexico and play teams from, Washington, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, etc. It was very hard and my team did good but not good enough to move onto the next round. It was an amazing experience and this year, State cup starts in a few weeks and we’re ready to win again. I can’t wait.

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