I am happy to see that the blogging challenge is finally coming to an end. Even though some of the posts have been fun, it’s still a relief to see how close we are to the mast days of school. I know that not everything was terrible but I don’t really enjoy homework like some of you out there. What I did here was I did an audit of my blog and then I had someone who hasn’t read my blog before do one too. I will share what I did first.

My audit was very successful. I have written 19 posts and two pages all of which were for the blogging challenge. The post that received the most comments was Idiott the Cat which got 7 comments, I think it received that many comments because it was a creative story and we were supposed to comment on other peoples stories. On all of my posts together, I recieved 13 comments. The post I enjoyed writing the most was Amazing Birds of Paradise because I had fun looking at all the pretty or funny birds. I recently changed the theme of my blog because I thought my old theme was getting boring. I think I have grown as a blogger since I first started because now I know how to post, add things, change the look, and write nice posts. I then asked my friend Ryan to audit my blog and here were his answers to my questions:

1. What were your first impressions of this blog?

“my first impression of this blog is that it has a very interesting front picture.” -Ryan

2. What captured your attention?

“Something that caught my attention was that there were no images available.” -Ryan

3. What distracted you on the blog?

“Something distracting was that there was no images available.”-Ryan

4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

“Something you can do to improve your blog is to make your images available.” -Ryan

Over all, I think my experience with blogging was okay but I would not want to do it again unless I could write about whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Have a nice day.

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