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My name is Marcy, and I’m 12 years old. I live with my parents, my older sister and my brother. My sister’s name is Aly, and she’s almost 15, my brothers name is Neil and he’s 11. My favorite thing to do is play soccer; last year our team took the state title and we got to play in a big tournament in New Mexico. I hope we can do that again this ear. Other things I like to do are draw, read and run. I hope you liked that short summary of me.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  • Hi Marcy, I’m your mentor for this challenge and a school librarian in Australia. I did enjoy reading your short summary and congratulations on winning a state title. Please complete your challenge posts on favourite things, school improvements and bucket list – I’d like to read about them too.
    Mrs S.

  • G’day Marcy,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on the student blogging challenge blog. I am glad you and your classmates are enjoying the challenge. I am actually on holidays at the moment and writing this comment sitting in the lounge area of the boat Spirit of Tasmania.

    Remember to include the URL of your blog wherever you leave a comment. I can usually work out where to find you, but other people might not be able to do that.

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