Onomatopoeia! Poem

Photo Credit: Contando Estrelas via Compfight cc Scrape! The man trips over his bucket and starts to side down the hill Crack! His arm snaps as he slides into a rock Rumble! Rumble! The sound of his mauled body rolling down the gravel hill Bump! He finally reaches the curb and slams into it at […]


I am happy to see that the blogging challenge is finally coming to an end. Even though some of the posts have been fun, it’s still a relief to see how close we are to the mast days of school. I know that not everything was terrible but I don’t really enjoy homework like some […]

Letter Poem

Photo Credit: sweetgrayundersides via Compfight cc Dear Poetry, When I was younger, I lived my life in a carefree happy way Then I was introduced to my first poem and I think I fell asleep Now, years later, I write yet another horrible poem trying to sound like a good poet It’s not working very […]

Amazing Birds of Paradise

Photo Credit: Bertie Bassett25 via Compfight cc In the wild, their are thousands of different species each unique in its own way. The Rainbow Lorikeet for example, is a species of parrot found in Australia. These colorful birds often travel together in pairs and sometimes respond to calls to fly as a whole flock but […]

Bound for Australia

Photo Credit: ivan.kovpak via Compfight cc When I’m older, I want to visit Australia. One thing I love about Australia is the Great Barrier Reef, every time I see pictures like the one here, I just want to go down there and swim with the fish. I would take a plane straight there and stay […]

Perfect Evening

Photo Credit: James.Breeze via Compfight cc The cool ocean breeze sends my hair running away Salty sweet sea water laps against the shore Orange and yellow beams of brightness flow from the sun as it sets The soft white moon is barely visible in the sky but gives off a gentle glow Firm grainy sand […]

Sports are Life

This weeks topic was challenging to pick considering all the different choices we could use. After I debated I decided to choose my favorite sports: Soccer and Basketball. I like soccer the best but basketball is pretty fun when I play with my friends. I also enjoy running but I don’t participate in track. I […]

State Cup

Photo Credit: shotfromacanon via Compfight cc Something that’s really important to me is soccer. I play club so when I have games I get to travel a lot. Its fun but challenging enough to keep you wanting and trying hard to get better and improve. The really good club teams in Oregon compete in a […]


Photo Credit: Dyker_The_Horse via Compfight cc Bertha was walking with her best friend named Cricket. Cricket was a naughty little cheater who had no empathy. Bertha was her only friend because they complimented each other. The pair had been joined at the hip since they were 10. Now it was nearing Bertha‚Äôs 14th birthday and […]